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i'd like to remind everyone that the commission does not tolerate any disruption or outburstses of any kind. please turn off any mobile devices that may sound off during the proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, please speak directly into the microphone and do state your name for the record. at this time i'd like to take roll. commission president fong? >> here. >> commission vice president wu? >> here. >> commissioner antonini? >> present. >> commissioner moore? >> here. >> and commissioner sugaya? >> here. >> first on your calendar, commissioners, are consideration of items proposed for continuance. item 1, case no. case no.
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2011.0430e at 4 08 potrero avenue, appeal of preliminary mitigated negative declaration proposed for continuance to january 17, 2013. i have no other items proposed for continuance. >> is there any public comment on the item proposed for continuance? seeing none, commissioners? commissioner wu. >> i move to continue item number 1 to january 17th. >> second. >> on that motion to continue, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> commissioner fong? >> aye. >> so moved unanimously, commissioners, that motion passes 5 to 0. next up is your consent calendar. all matters listed here under constitute a consent calendar are considered to be routine by the planning commission and will be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission.
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there will be no separate discussionvv of these items unless a member of the commission, l public or staff so requests in which the matter shall be removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. items 2a and b for case numbers 2012.10 46 b and c at 1550 bryant street - between division street and 15th street; lot 006 in assessor's block 39 23 - request for office development authorization pursuant to planning code sections 179.1, 321, and 322 to establish 108,399 gross square feet of legal office use in a pdr-1-g zoning district and 68-x height and bulk district. i have no speaker cards. >> is there any public comment on the items proposed on the consent calendar? seeing none, commissioner antonini? >> move to approve. >> second. >> on that motion to approve, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commissionedthv fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously.
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which places you under your commissioners questions and matters. item 3, consideration of adoption, draft minutes of special meeting of october 11, 2012 and draft minutes of regular meeting of october 18, 2012. >> any public comment on the draft minutes? seeing none, commissioner sugaya? >> yes, on thursday, october 11 under item 1, which is on page 2 under speakers, i believe didn't sue hester testify on this item? 295 as related to the transit center district plans. anyway, her name is not listed. maybe the secretary can check. -- check on that.
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>> i can certainly check. if she made an appearance, i will add her name. >> thank you. >> the subsequent item just says same as those listed in item 1. with that change, is that a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> on that motion to adopt the draft minutes with the proposed amendment, commissioner antonini? >> aye. >> commissioner moore? >> aye. >> commissioner sugaya? >> aye. >> commissioner wu? >> aye. >> and commission president fong? >> aye. >> so moved, commissioners. that motion passes unanimously and puts you on item 4, commission comments and questions. >> commissioner antonini. >> a couple things, first of all. happy to report that the subcommittee for secretary search has been meeting in smaller group parts of the
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subcommittee have been interacting and i think we are moving closer to a situation where we may be seeing a job application issued. and thanks to cooperative -- cooperation of the department of human resources and others. so, we will continue, and i believe we will be meeting in another week with the subcommittee to continue the process. >> thanks again for everyone's hard work on that. i know it's time consuming, but obviously important that we spend the right amount of time. >> i think you sometimes get out of something what you put into it and we felt that way and we've put in the necessary hours, i think, to make sure the product that comes out will help us to try to find as close a replacement as we can for linda, which is a very difficult thing to do, but we wanted to be as good as it possibly can be. on another subject, i think we were all really thrilled by the giants' win and the parade
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yesterday. and i had the good fortune to see the entire thing. and i thought some of the remarks by some of the speakers, players and others, rose above the, what you usually get. and particularly was impressed by the remarks of the manager boce and he talked about the life lessons that can be learned from a victory. some of them perseverance, cooperation, humility are important lessons. and team members doing things that they don't usually do to help the team win. starters pitching in middle relief, pitchers being called upon to deliver big hits and sluggers having to punt and all those sort of things is a good lesson for us because sometimes we have to do things in our lives that we're not accustomed to doing and may not be our job, but we have to do the best we can. and i also was very happy to hear an analogy drawn by sergio romo talking about the giants being a lot like the city of
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san francisco. i'm paraphrasing his remarks, but he basically talked about the diverse group that comes from all over the world and often different languages, but collectively they can do great things. and he sort of made an analogy to our city. so, i thought that was really good. and finally, buster posy talking about the fact that a win like this is more than just a win, but it has the ability to be a tonic and lift municipal spirits. and this theory has been brought forward in the past, but i think there is some validity to that. certainly the only admonishment is that even though it's fine to live vicariously with the team, it never gives anyone license to destroy property or assault someone just because there's been a victory. and we don't want to be classified with some of the things that have been said about some cities in the past where they have riots whether
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they win or lose. and glad yesterday seemed to go very well from what i've heard as far as that was concerned. so, it's great to win, but it's even greater to see good things come out of it for the entire city. >> commissioner moore. >> as a follow-up to comma commissioner antonini was saying, the city looked photo general i can today when you looked at the area of the civic center, when you looked at literally wearing black and orange, overall it was spectacular. so, i think everybody who participated made it happening. we all can pat each other on the shoulder that this came about in a wonderful way. >> all right. commissioners, that will place us under director's report,
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item 5, director's announcements. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. i ask just wanted to thank several of you for attending the board hearing on tuesday in honor of linda avery herbert. it was a resolution that was passed -- that was proposed by supervisor olague to honor linda for her 32 years of service and named tuesday as linda avery-herbert day in the city. several staff attended as well and i think it was an appropriate honor for linda for all of her service to the city. so, thank you all for attending. that concludes my report. thank you. >> which will place us under item 6, review of past week's events at the board of supervisors, board of appeals, and historic preservation commission. >> good afternoon, commissioners. i'm here to give you your weekly report of the board of supervisors activities. ann murry rodgers, planning department staff. at the land use committee there was one ordinance i'd like to report about and one hearing. the first was the ordinance amending the administrative code to -- for port prepayment
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of jobs housing [speaker not understood]. this ordinance would encourage the development of affordable housing on port properties. the planning commission did not hold a hearing on this item, but instead requested an informational memo. this week's staff from the legislative sponsor, supervisor kim, explained along with city staff that this ordinance would allow the port and the mayor's office of housing to enter into a memorandum of understanding whereby the port would receive credits towards their obligations to pay this fee, the jobs housing linkage fee in exchange for the sale or lease of port property to under market rate for affordable housing. that was the longest -- sorry about that. if you have any questions about that, i can explain it again. secondly, there is a hearing on the car sharing program. the director of the mta made a presentation about the importance of car sharing as part of the city's transit first program. also in attendance was the director of the department of
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the environment and some local car sharing organizations. the presentation covered the transportation code definition for car sharing and the benefits of car sharing and the fact that this is largely a private sector type of transportation which supports our city's transit first policy. that said, the mta said the city can help in making parking available for this use, both on street and off-street. and staff from mta noted that off-street spaces don't always match the demand that may be needed, and that there are over 2 80,000 on-street parking spaces. sfmta recently start aid pilot program to look at using some of those on-street spaces for car-sharing. and they found that by using this pilot program some people did illegally park on the on-street spaces and that also there was some difficulty in
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removing some spaces from general use and dedicating them for car-share. that said, sfmta will be expanding their program in the coming year and able to expand it in an equitable manner throughout the city. on tuesday's board hearing, supervisor olague's ordinance was there that would add mend the administrative code to ensure the right to return to revitalized housing. this commission heard this item on september 27th and since your hearing the supervisor continued to work with other city agencies. this week the ordinance was passed on final reading. supervisor olague's other ordinance requiring housing production report was continued to november 20th. the board also heard the privately owned but publicly accessible open space signage ordinance sponsored by board president chiu. this item was heard on june 7. the supervisor adopted all your recommendation. and after the commission
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hearing he continued to work with our staff and the mayor's office of disability to ensure that the entire proposal is a-d-a compliant. this week the board passed the ordinance on first reading. next up is the housing trust fund monitoring ordinance also sponsored by board president chiu. this commission approved the ordinance with modification two weeks ago. supervisor again incorporated all your recommended modifications. and after a hearing, the mayor's office of housing proposed another modification, asking that these reports also include assistance to those earning over 120% or more of ami to capture one program for housing trust fund that focuses on that group. the board approved this ordinance with those amendments on first reading this week. and next up was another ordinance that grew out of board president chiu's northeast legislation. i've counted so far today, that ordinance you heard one piece of legislation has now been
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split into no less than seven separate ordinances. so, they did take your advice into making it smaller more manageable pieces. this would expand the allowable floor area for commercial uses and would also -- i'm sorry. that's what happened this week. that's what it originally would do. this week the board had voted to make this change also in the mission rto district whereas when you heard the ordinance you heard from the market octavia group that since the rto district came out of our community planning processes, they wanted to not make any amendments to policies that came out of the planning efforts until the five-year monitoring. however, that said, supervisor campos found a public need to make that amendment to the mission rto district. so, it will allow those corner uses to be a little bit larger. in the mission rto, but not the rto district in the
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market-octavia plan area. and that ordinance was passed on first reading this week. as you heard, our previous commission secretary was honored and there were many commissioners present as well as staff, but not enough for a quorum. there was one new ordinance introduced this week that i'd like to share with you. it was the polk street alcohol and tobacco paraphernalia restricted use district. this would amend the planning code to extend restriction on tobacco paraphernalia establishments that would otherwise have expired. it would also establish the lower polk alcohol restricted use district in california [speaker not understood] and some of the associated side streets. so, since this is a planning code amendment we will be bringing this before you within the next three months. and if there are any questions, that concludes my report for this week. >> thank you. any public comment on the supervisors report? seeing none, commissioner
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antonini. >> thank you. thanks, ms. rodgers, for a great report as always. i think you had said that the mayor's office is continuing to work together with supervisor olague on that legislation that you were alluding to, or is it now being introduced? because i know they were continuing to modify the legislation about the ability for people who had previously been in public housing to return to that housing -- newly built housing. >> that's correct, she continued to work with not only the mayor's office of housing, but also the housing authority and ndn, both of those agencies came before the land use committee saying they could now support the ordinance as it had been made. * in the end >> great. my other question, i see supervisor kim is here, it's not agendized. i just want more details on her suggestion to the port that they see about the possibility of allowing some of their properties to be used by the mayor's office of housing for
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affordable housing. just more details on how that would actually work, but i'm sure we'll see more of that as it moves forward. >> actually, staff in consultation with the commission president and vice president prepared an informational memo that you should have gotten last week. i think it was a three to five-page memo. we were not going to schedule a hearing on that particular ordinance, but it is moving to the process and was heard by the full board on tuesday. >> thank you for calling my attention to that. i'll go back through my materials. i'm sure it's there. >> thank you. >> commissioners, we're at a place under general public comment. at this time the public may address the commission [speaker not understood] with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is reached in the meeting. each member of the public may address the commission for up to three minutes. this category has a 15-minute
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time frame. and i have one speaker card. >> great. christie lefters. hi, commissioners. thank you for taking the time to hear me. so, as you may recall, i was here september 6th with the discretionary review hearing regarding 61 1 buena vista west. and there was an action to make the setback, if you remember. >> yes. and i sent an e-mail late this morning. i don't know if everyone -- did anyone read it or receive it? okay. so, i guess basically we're just asking for the commission to take an action or to calendar consideration of such action because the problem with -- i think it was agreed to go back to the corner as a
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building, the setback. but -- and then it said on the plans or it was written out that it was three additional feet to the two feet, making it five feet. but in field measurements it's not five feet. it's more than five feet. and actually, according to the plan to scale plans, even though it was drawn, it doesn't equal five feet. so, i think -- and i'm not exactly sure what the procedures are, but, you know, if planning staff or someone can measure it some in the field or off the plans, i guess. >> thank you. [speaker not understood]. dino [speaker not understood]. those who lost their lives and
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homes and communities in the wake of hurricane sandy. this week we've seen a lot of weather around the east coast and also here in san francisco, and ironically it's been the week of the fire. so, i brought seven items raised to fire that pertains something towards the commission. one is two by the sea, west portola avenue. i know it's your neighborhood. took out that restaurant and also the dental building next to it. number two was two days ago, hurricane sandy burned over 200 homes in one single neighborhood. and other homes from natural gas coming out. number three was too bad to see, third and mission street where we have the bus hit by the giants finances. congratulations to the giants, but we don't want to see that as you guys touched on we don't want to see buses burning at third and mission street. we wouldn't like that for our cars or homes or outside of our businesses.
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number four, the most interesting project in san francisco, 474 o'farrell street, there was a fire several years ago and the same thing happened as we heard last week in 1995, drug dealers entered the basement of a building and the organization which owns it claimed they started a fire inside the building. another reason how this building is a liability. appreciate you guys listening. your support and the added pressure on this organization as we work to find arm any from discord there. and of course anyone who likes to read, we invite any of you guys to come out and see what's going on there from about 6:00 p.m. until 7:00 or 8:00 on wednesday nights. number five, smoky the bear makes a great halloween costume. number 6 is we really only have six items and it's a little bit of a stretch. but also on august 6th we had the richmond fires and that was about three months ago. and then seven is we may have found the second of the seven water reserves we have in san francisco.
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so, anyone that mr. miguel spoke of, if anyone knows where they are, we'd be interested to find out where the seven lie. so, thank you, guys. have a good afternoon. >> is there any additional public comment? linda chap man from knob hill. i brought along the methodist prayer for the week for the united methodist connection for knob hill neighborhood activists working for compassionate youth of the st. johns property. so, the local methodists are beginning to take some action. pastor was over there, the guardian angell said who is that woman taking all the photographs and so forth? but anyway, i wasn't planning to come in until yesterday when i went out to look for the e-mail address of one of the people i wanted to add to our
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list of supporters that i'm going to send to the judge and eventually to you all and so forth because the judge is thinking about nullification. you know, there are a few people i didn't have the e-mail address for, charles roccio called me and said [speaker not understood] historic works battle to save knob hill. i mentioned the [speaker not understood] and also michael [speaker not understood] would come and give talks for us. and when i went out to look for michael crowe's e-mail address as he moved to the east bay, i lost track of it, what did i find but the obituary notice for me. and, so, i want to remember today michael crowe. i hope that, you know, the people who are watching and listening who maybe didn't know about it, didn't see it in the chronicle as i did not, will think of michael crowe. he was one of the knob hill neighbors as randy [speaker not understood] one of the people that lived in the neighborhood. during the time we were fighting the high-rises and demolitions and rezoning and so
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on, these people came and gave big talks at grace cathedral. we would get huge attendance and we learned about our neighborhood, the historic. we knew it was a beautiful historic neighborhood, but we would learn about the details like the little [speaker not understood] that randy would show us on top of the roofs or the good and the bad in recent architecture. or things like the little art deck owe store fronts, although at that time i don't think michael crowe was specialized in art decco, the little store front i would walk by on bush street, maybe never think of. later i moved down to mason street and i was the next door neighbor of michael who lived in the most wonderful art decco building on knob hill until the owners decided to paint it in colors that he really felt was disrespectful to art decco and he abandoned the apartment. and stayed all the time in [inaudible]. he was the loveliest, most
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charming, humorous person. when i looked for the e-mail on the website he said he was the inspiration for art decco all over the country in addition to the books he wrote so we could see what we have in treasures here. >> any additional public comment? public comment portion is closed. commissioner sugaya, did you have -- >> yes, we normally don't comment on testimony that's given during public comment, but as the maker of the motion on the case that -- on buena vista, i think there is some different interpretation of what that motion was. and, so, i'd like to have staff get back to at least me, and i don't know of anybody else -- >> commissioner sugaya, i can review the tape and follow-up with you. >> okay, thank you. and as far as michael crowe, i think i'll deal with it next week and perhaps it might be
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appropriate i'll mention to hpc, they might want to adjourn. >> thank you. commissioner antonini. >> mr. ionin, i also would like to see in regards to the buena vista project. >> absolutely. >> commissioners, it will place you under your regular calendar. item 7, western soma community plan - informational presentation. >> good afternoon, president fong, commissioners. we're going to begin the presentation with a few remarks from the honorable supervisor kim. >> thank you, mr. teetion, and commissioners. good afternoon. i'm excited to be here today because we are finally able to launch the final hearings for the long awaited western soma community plan * . and i'm sure my predecessor thought he would be here presenting to the planning commission as it began in 2004. but it is here finally today. as you may know, this plan is a culmination of over seven years of work.
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and countless number of hours by western soma citizen task force, consultants, planning staff, residents and workers of the south of market. the soma planning process was initiated as an alternative to the area planning process typically undertaken by the planning department. the creation of the plan was uniquely guided by a 22 member western soma citizens planning task force with representatives from a variety of different neighborhood and city-wide stakeholders. and the planning process evolved to be a true partnership between the community stakeholders and the planning department. and as if you want to take a moment just to recognize paul lord who is with the planning department many years and really undertook this as one of his projects and worked very closely with our team members on this plan. the western soma citizens plan task force set out to promote a plan with "neighborhood qualities and scale that maintain and enhance rather than destroy today's living historic and sustainable
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neighborhood, character cultural economic diversity while integrating appropriate land use, transportation and design opportunities into equitable evolving and complete neighborhoods." while i represent one of the older neighborhoods here in san francisco, it is as you know one of the more dynamic in the sense that it is growing and changing and developing probably the most dynamically currently here in the city. the plan that we have before us reflects its original intent by utilizing as a starting point the underlying zoning and land use pattern that gives the south of market its unique mixed use character. the plan carefully added and tweaked the existing zoning in a way that preserves neighborhood character and affordability while anticipating new growth to develop a truly complete neighborhood. the plan also adds new residential development capacity which is very important as we try to meet our 8 goals, key opportunity sites such as the eighth and harrison site. and recognizes the area's long-time entertainment use by
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allowing new entertainment south of harrison street. in addition, new innovative concepts were developed as part of the plan formation and examples including the filipino and lgbtqq/leather social heritage districts and potential stabilization policy. our office is committed to continue to work on the development of this concept to promote the unique, social and cultural history that currently exists as well as to maintain the historic balance of housing affordability in the neighborhood. in addition to the planning processes, the process the task force went through to develop the plan is an accomplishment in and of itself and i do want to recognize many of our residents who have been involved in the process, in particular jim mico who has chaired that process over the last seven years for his tenacious commitment to this plan. it is a model process where community voices were combined with technical resources from planning staff and outside

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